Checking the AFT for fitting

So I had time enough today to check the Auto Free Top (AFT) for fitting the metal plate (which is en-route).

Asides needing a good clean, was good to see the bolts are in place (its suprising that some bongos are missing these !).

I took some zoom shots of the existing solar panel to see how that is attached. looks fairly straight forward bolt/washer/plate. As I’m only attaching a strip of slim metal, I think i can hold it in place with the bolt and wash combo, ensuring there is enough metal for the mag-mount to attach to. I will need to do then is use a small set of steps to put the mast on when I’m ready to get on the air.

Hopefully the rest of the parts will arrive soon. As is with lockdown i cant go out in the Bongo for recreation, but do want to give it plenty of tryouts before using it truly /M.

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