Bongo HF Portable !

Having had a CB in the bongo a while ago and now being a licence amateur radio operator I’m looking how I can setup and be /M. For those not in the know with antennas, a CB antenna on 27Mhz doesnt need to be physically big, well compared to the antennas for HF on frequencies such as 3Mhz, 7Mhz and 20Mhz (80/40/20 meters). My main antenna at home is 18 meters vertical, so getting that into a mag mount is a no no 🙂

So today I went onto the bongo fury forum to ask for suggestions and upon receiving said idea will be attaching a metal plate to the AFT (Auto Free Top) roof. Obviously getting a mag-mount onto a plastic roof presents some challenges ! I will be bolting on a light piece of metal on the front most section and attaching my mag mounts there, with enough coax so it can be left in place either with the roof up or down. I will check the internals for a good grounding point.

I’m hoping to make some great contacts and be out with a radio in the bongo, it really will combine my favourite hobbies !

For now we are still locked down, but it will give me enough time to get everything setup nicely !

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